How did I get here again?

Let’s just say that the interesting parts of my life don’t come from where I’ve lived. I’m 22. 18 of those years I’ve lived in Greensboro, N.C. And counting! Apart from my four years of undergraduate education at Appalachian State, my roots have been pretty firmly planted in North Carolina.

So there’s that.

Let’s also just say that my upbringing wasn’t filled with struggle or wonder. Just you’re typical slightly upper-middle class upbringing with two parents and a younger sister who’s still in high school. The same one I went to, mind you.

I haven’t even wavered on what I’ve wanted to do since I was basically a sophomore in high school. I picked “writing” in general at 15, and eventually settled on journalism when I was a high school senior. I then narrowed that down to sports journalism when I was a sophomore in college.

However, I’ve tried to supplement my basic mundane upbringing in other ways. I’ve gotten really good at consuming media. Especially sports. I challenge that I know more about sports than just about anybody I meet. I’m not bragging. It’s just like in Avon Barksdale said in “The Wire,” you’ve got to protect your corners. Sports are my corner.

But let’s talk about media. I come from a journalism background, so I’m extremely interested in the ongoing battle that is Print v. Web. Actually, can we even call it a fight anymore? If online versus print journalism were a boxing match, the ref would of called the fight two years ago. It’s over. The Internet won.

And that’s mainly why I’m here. I know I need to learn these skills to get to where I want to be. In  1983, I’d probably be good to go with my Journalism/Political Science degree from App State. Unfortunately, it’s 2012, and well, here we are.

I want to learn how to make mobile phone apps, and learn more about how TV and the Internet can be improved by them. I want to know where social media is going, and how things rank on Google.  I want to learn how to make good documentaries and how to do creative things with editing. Hell, I even want to make a simple flash or mobile game just to do it. I also want to know why these things are so compelling to us. The more I think about it, the more I realize that we’ve tried to get as much interaction out of our media as was physically allowed for a long time. Radio shows had call in sections. Television game shows allowed people to play at home. And we LOVED that back when it was the only option. I want to know why.

Basically, I’m Jake Amberg. I’m pretty into interactive media. We all are. I’m just determined to study it, learn about it and produce it.

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One Response to How did I get here again?

  1. Derek says:

    That reminds me, I need to watch The Wire again.

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