It’s time to overreact!

After one (or two for the Lakers) NBA games in the books, it’s time to COMPLETELY OVERREACT to the opening games. Because it’s 2012 and that’s what the media does, right?

1.) Lakers fans, the panic button is to your left. Hit it at your convenience. Steve Nash is already injured, Dwight clearly isn’t 100%, Kobe is in full-on “great stats, played bad” mode. Also Mike Brown is a pretty bad head coach. Everybody who watched Cleveland closely in 2010 is nodding vehemently in agreement.

2.) Damian Lillard and Anthony Davis belong in the same sentence for ROTY. This one may not be an overreaction. Lillard was fantastic tonight. If he keeps getting the usage he got tonight, he should be up there during awards season.

3.) James Harden is an MVP candidate. Dude crushed a potentially not terrible Detroit team. Also Jeremy Lin is appearing to be the player anybody without head trauma thought he would be: a decent scoring threat who can make plays but can’t defend anybody one-on-one. Although his steals were nice. It’s a win when Lin can match his TO’s with forced TO’s.

4.) George Karl: potentially a terrible choice for Coach of the Year. Again, total overreaction, but Kosta Koufos played three minutes less than Kennith Faried and JaVale McGee combined. Listen, Koufos is a good ball player. But McGee and Mannimal are what pushed the Nuggets to almost the second round last year… and they play less than 40 combined? Come on Karl. There’s a reason you only scored 754 (other than Danillo being out).

5.) Lamar Odom: so not washed up he might be a valuable contributor on a Clippers team that could win 50 games. Odom is totally fat. But he’s trying really hard! He had a brilliant series near the end of the first half where he was just doing everything on both sides of the ball. I may of been wrong, Lamar.

Some reactions that are probably not overreactions.

1.) Alvin Gentry, seriously dude? Sebastian Telfair and P.J. Tucker played most of crunch time for Phoenix tonight. “But Jake,” you’re probably saying aloud to yourself right now. “I thought Sebastian Telfair was terrible, also who the hell is P.J. Brown?” Well, person I made up, you’re right. Sebastian Telfair IS terrible. And there’s no reason for you to know who P.J. Brown is. He played in Europe for the last two years and yes, he is also bad. Listen, Alvin. There’s this guy named Kendall Marshall on your bench. Yeah, he’s raw and he can’t score very consistently, but there’s one thing he can do really well: not be as dumb on a basketball court as Sebastian Telfair. This season isn’t going to result in the playoffs. Run your young guys and see what happens. Just have fun with it.

2.) Re-upping on Stephen Curry will be a worse contract than re-upping on DeMar DeRozan. Sorry Golden State fans. Curry is by faaaar the better ball player. But DeRozan will play in roughly 10 more games per average per season. Better bang for the buck. Even if DeRozan is so overrated I actually laughed out loud for a second when I read about his extension. 

3.) The Pacers might be better without having to awkwardly split minutes between Paul George and Danny Granger. Yeah, Granger is a better go-to scoring option. But Paul George is just a freaky freak on the basketball court. Plus I don’t think any basketball player has been so disproportionately valued based on one above-average season than Danny Granger after 2008-09. Oh wait, I forgot. This is the NBA, where this happens every year. I see ya, corpses of Channing Frye, Allan Houston and Rashard Lewis.

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